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Below is information about the bulls that we breed here at Gray's Angus Ranch. Click on the buttons for more information. We also sell bulls and breeding stock throughout the year private treaty. Contact us for more information

Gray's Essence 309

Gray's Tradition 466

Gray's Boldline 044 772

Gray's Emblazon 7204

Gray's Crossbar 640

Gray's Chisum 1665

Gray's Chisum 1264

Gray's Charlo 1465

Gray's Black Granite 265

Gray's Courage 1886

Gray's Courage 1016

Gray's Excitement 2976

Gray's Uno 876

Gray's Tour of Duty 296

Gray's Courage 496

Gray's Rampage 927

Gray's Great Falls 3017

Gray's Rampage 887

Gray's Willie 1007

Gray's Commando 537

Gray's Top Hand 187